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We are a small group of residents who share a common concern in maintaining the green space and character of our village-style community.  Our plan is to create awareness and share information with you regarding the current proposed developments of mega-homes in our community.

Members of the Sunshine Village community became concerned last year, when residents within a 100m radius received a letter from Delta’s Community Planning and Development Department.  A new owner of a home bought on Westview Place applied to tear down the home to construct and replace it with a mega-home with an in-ground secondary suite.  Over 75% of these residents signed a petition against the mega-house.

Later another home on Westview Drive was sold.  Again an application was made to Delta to destroy the existing dwelling and replace it with a new mega-home with secondary suite.  Property owners within a 100m radius presented a signed petition to Delta Mayor and Council; 100% of these residents were opposed to the mega-house.

Another application has been made on Upper Canyon Road to destroy and build another mega-home with a secondary suite.  Over 85% of residents within a 100m radius were opposed to the mega-house.

If you would like to help us, or you would like more information on our petition program, or you would like a lawn sign, please use our Contact Us form.

Sunshine Village is a registered subdivision with the Land Titles Office under the Real Estate Act.  The engineering consulting groups that planned, designed, engineered and managed the construction of this subdivision created a village-style community, with single family density building styles that would match the liveable green space of the area.  

Homes were thoughtfully constructed and placed to give an attractive community look, with privacy between properties, and green space for trees and rain water retention.  

A network of walkways throughout Sunshine Village connect to Westview Park, Watershed Park, Burns Bog Conservation Area (the lungs of the Lower Mainland), the Delta Nature Reserve and Cougar Creek (it’s one of a few salmon spawning creeks left in North Delta).

Sunshine Village was designed for single family homes with green space for families to thrive.  The planners were ahead of their time.  

The current real estate market and increasing sale prices of homes in the Lower Mainland are causing real estate developers and speculators to focus on our attractive, accessible and quiet neighbourhood.

Perfectly liveable and well-maintained homes are being torn down and replaced with homes that are out of proportion (eg: mega-homes) in terms of style, size and liveable green space.  Where do the destroyed wood and remaining materials go?  This is not an environmentally sound plan.

With air pollution, use of landfill space and climate change on the rise – destroying homes, destroys our environment.  The most energy efficient home is the one already built.  Saving homes in Sunshine Village is saving trees.  Saving homes in Sunshine Village is saving our environment.

Mega-home developments decrease green space, and increase traffic, parking, pollution and noise.  This will adversely affect the quiet ambiance and green space of Sunshine Village we currently cherish and enjoy.  And we hope you do too.

A group of Sunshine Village residents/property owners met with officials of Delta’s Planning Department to talk about what would be a fair and reasonable zoning standard of new home development in our community of Sunshine Village.  

What came out of this meeting was a general agreement as follows:

  • Maximum size of a new dwelling on an existing serviced lot would be no larger than 4,000 sq.ft., including:
    • garage no larger than 450 sq.ft.
    • basement no larger than 750 sq.ft.
  • (NOTE: a single-family detached home is a building that is occupied by one family, it is not attached to another building.  Therefore in-ground secondary suites will not be allowed).  
  • Existing secondary suites previously approved by Delta would be grandfathered into the new development and rezoning standards of Sunshine Village when adopted.
  • Height of dwelling would be 28 ft.
  • Minimum side yard setbacks no less than 6 ft.
  • The building/dwelling footprint will not exceed 30% of the existing service lot.
  • Accessory building size (eg: shed) no greater than 100 sq.ft. with a maximum height no greater than 8 ft.

In order to change current zoning standards in Sunshine Village, we as resident-homeowners in the community (see Area Boundary Plan) need to come to an agreement on what type of new housing development will be acceptable in our community.  This will be followed by an overall petition. This is required by the Corporation of Delta to cover all resident-homeowners of Sunshine Village.  When the petition is completed it will be submitted to Delta’s Mayor and Council for their decision.

It is important to note when non-residents buy property in Sunshine Village with plans to tear down and replace existing homes with a mega-house, with no plans to live in the community, it can only be viewed as a business interest that speculates on the real estate market and/or income-producing rental properties.

The information described on this website is for discussion and educational purposes, and is not intended to offend others with varying opinions or interests.

If you would like to help us, or you would like more information on our petition program, or you would like a lawn sign, please use our Contact Us form.