January 2nd – Propaganda Newsletter

An information handout has been recently placed in the mailboxes of Sunshine Village Area residents entitled: “UPDATE TO THE SUNSHINE VILLAGE PROPOSAL and “WELCOME TO THE POOR HOUSE.  Although our lawn sign logo was used – we have no connection or contact with the writer. 

This correspondence is clearly intended to derail the Sunshine Village Area Petition/Rezoning Application, and to lend confusion to the Delta Planning Department’s process on this file.

Members of our group met with the Planning Department and discussed this propaganda material which is to be taken at face value – a sole and separate opinion regarding the area petition. 

We would like all property owners who signed the petition (90% of you) to know all the work by our community group over the past year now rests with Delta’s Planning Department.  

Any questions can be addressed to Nancy McLean, Planner, at the Corporation of Delta at nmclean@delta.ca.

On behalf of the Sunshine Village Community Group, we wish all the residents in our community the very best in the New Year.